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Crystal Bar

Reviewed by Sachin Rao
Hotel Ranjith
9, Nungambakkam High Road.
Ph : 044 2827 6353


Map: Click Here

Passive smoking kills! Car emissions increase! Beans make you fart! Dire warnings from various corners of bookstalls and bus-hoardings finally get to you. Enough, you screech, slap a hanky against your nose and decide to imbibe liquid toxins instead. But Houston we have a problem. Drink = bar = small = smoky. Is there no way out of this Catch22?

Seek and ye shall find respite. At the relatively dizzy height of the sixth floor, or the terrace, whichever sounds better, washed free of lowly pollutants and evil molecules, is Pinnacle. The open-air restaurant at Hotel Ranjith, tied umbilically to their small smoky bar, Crystal. Far from the madding crowd, and high from whatever’s in your glass. Bliss.

The ambience is inviting, what with the lights of NH Road traffic twinkling harmlessly below and the stars merrily winking down from a cloudless summer night sky. D‚cor is fairly ornate, for Pinnacle pegs itself as upmarket. Potted plants and heavy chairs kind of thing. Let the breeze ruffle your hair and the menu.

Ye gods decide beer shall open the session. Service is prompt, and some chlorophyllous complementary munchies turn up. But being direct descendants of Mr T Rex (no, not the rock-star) we demand a Tandoori platter, which is chunky both in content and in price.

“Vintage” whisky is again par for the course. Cocktails are not really a strong point in places like these, so why torture myself? I have had a vodka-orange on an earlier occasion, but that’s about as far as I’ll go. Pinnacle’s advantage over Crystal is that you can indulge your tummy as well. Keeping in mind that the kitchen, like the bar counter, gets fussy as the clock strikes eleven, make a selection from the Indian menu.

At around 11:20, the moon was bright and chirpy, while visions of a nightcap and bed were dancing before my foggy retinae. With a final toast to the steel-specked sky, we descended to Earth once more… but the ladder to Heaven is easy enough to find again.












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