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Downtown Pub

Residency Plaza, 41 & 42, Residency Road, Bangalore

Ph: 080 25582050

Timings: 11 AM to 11 PM

Map: Click Here

I guess I will always be a little senti about this pub because this was the first pub that I had seen the insides of around 6 years back. I loved the music then and I love the music now.

Their Pina Colada is one of the better ones that I have tasted in Bangalore (Bangaloreans seem to prefer beer and all other drinks at most pubs).

The music is slow and hard-rock and generally the danceable kind. Not the techno stuff where all you do is shake like an electric current is being passed through you. Eagles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Ricky Martin ….

The interiors are quiet. If you want to seat a big group, there are these huge seating areas where you can still feel that you are on the same table (even without the influence of the liquid you have come seeking). Ideal setting for having a party when you have a lot of friends.

The only problem is the crowd. Although they do have a small dance floor (a rarity in Bangalore) you wouldn’t really feel like dancing with the kind of crowd on the floor. Seems that most of my kind of people prefer to dance to techno (or at least pretend to), so the kind of people at a place that plays my kind of music is not my kind at all. A catch-22 situation for sure.

Well my problems are not yours, so if you like a little “old fashioned” music and want to shake a leg and don’t mind your floor-mates (as in dance floor) then this is the ideal place to be.

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