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Drinking in Fremont

by Romit Dey

39233 Fremont Blvd, Fremont,

CA 94538

Ph: +1 510-742-6221

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Boys of the Bay Area will be familiar with the Elephant Bar. I had promised our Tullee-friends that I’d generate reviews on watering holes in Sili-Valley…and so here’s one… So if u’re looking for a decent place to booze with decent food and decent ambience with off-beat decor (jungle motif, has an elephant head with complete trunk sprouting from one wall, and sundry tigers etc sprinkled around) and decently-clad decent eye candy then the E-Bar is the place. Centrally located in Fremont, off Mowry Ave/ Fremont Blvd. The really good thing here is the choice of seating:

1. At the bar, elbow-to-elbow with that sultry blonde sipping margaritas at 12 in the afternoon
2. In the circular glassed-in area around the bar – overlooks the traffic, u can watch the working classes do their thing, while u do your’s
3. At a regular table with the regular crowd (stuffing their faces)
4. Outside. This is important as it allows the smokers to drink, smoke, chat and eat all at the same time – rather than hopping out every 15 minutes for a dozen quick drags. CA is tough on smoking.
5. And if you get really regular and pally with one particularly kind waitress…but that’s another story!

Stick to the mainstream stuff, this is not a place where they’ll experiment cheaply. Also it’s crowded with paying (and eating) clientele so there’s little patience with advanced tipplers with special demands.

I recommend the E-tea which is basically an oversized Long Island Iced Tea, or the Ivory Coast Margarita…bit weak, but if u’re going to be driving afterwards, u can pack a couple and one for the road, no harm done. All in all, a nice place to land up with the boys (5 or more and have a joyous evening). Please remember for large parties, the bill helpfully includes a gratuity element – so when u and ur buddies are done drinking, u don’t need to rack ur brains about what 10% of $149.23 is…




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