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Drinking in Munich

by Shanky

The city of the famous Oktoberfest is also Germany’s second largest and most industrialised city, home to  BMW and to many famous breweries. Its also the centre of Bavaria, once a very powerful European kingdom and today an important German province. Located at the southern tip of Germany, it’s a short hop to Austria. The Bavarian heritage has ensured it some breathtaking architecture, including the awesome Marienplatz Rathaus and the Residence. It’s a great idea to tour Munich by open-top bus starting from the station. Alternately, try a bicycle tour with English guides. After all the cheesy touristy things are over go to the pubs and drink yourself silly.

The focus of Munich (or München, as the Germans call it) is very firmly huge quantities of beer. This place has some of the world’s largest beer gardens (8,000 or more in the largest one, I’m told). Summer Sundays are spent drinking outdoors in one of the many pubs. Many of Germany’s most famous brands are centered here – Lowenbrau, Paulaner, Schneider – and the rest are available in generous quantities. All this is accompanied by Bavarian food – huge generous chunks of roasted meats and potatoes. One of the most satisfying of foods to go with the beer. There’s also a lot of cheese based food for vegetarians so unless you’re a teetotaler, don’t miss out.







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