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Hard Rock Cafe

Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound,
Pandurang Budhkar Marg,
Worli, Mumbai – 400025

Ph: 022 6651 1209

Timings: 12:00 PM to 1:30 AM

Map Reference: Click here 

I can’t say too many bad things about a place which plays Janis Joplin singing Me and Bobby Mcgee 5 minutes after I walk in, so I won’t, and especially when they follow up the Joplin with Honky Tonk Woman. Wednesday night and HRC was hopping. For those who need to know, HRC is situated in the Bombay Dyeing Mills Compound and is right next to Shiro’s, I was with the Tulleeho team and Jay Lambert, a visiting bartender from Brisbane, and the group consensus was to head for Shiro’s, which from their enthusiasm I suspected was an expense-account buster. More on Shiro’s the next time I’m in Mumbai, because I didn’t get there.

A few things which are most un-Mumbai about HRC : one, it’s lack of attitude and refreshing door policy. In spite of us not having a female in our ranks (we really need to do something about the Mumbai team!), we were waved through and courteously asked to wait at the bar while a table could clear. The other is the cavernous interiors. It truly is one of the most massive places I’ve seen in India. Large floor area with a slight distinction between the bar/lounge area and the restaurant area, with 2 mezzanine like sections, one which had a VIP feel to it and the other to where we were ultimately escorted, and let me not forget placed @ the mezzanine, the area for the band, which as the posters said played pretty much through the week. Awesome! 

HRC, Mumbai’s been set up by the former franchise holders for F-Bar in India and Jay and Sanjay (have I missed anyone?), have done a great job of the interiors, aided in part by the stacks of rock memorabilia on the walls. I mean like, do we really have to see Alice Cooper’s tongue? 

Our bar order was from left to right, a Caiprinha, a LIIT, an Old Monk with tonic (tastes nice), a Caipriojka and a large JW Black with a non-veg Jumbo combo to munch on. The service was blisteringly quick and even before we could say Cachaca our drinks were here. The Caipirinha was very good and prompted me to order another, the Caipirojka considering it’s a derivative of the Caipirinha was off and left a lot to be desired, so did the LIIT which was too sweet. 

HRC was packed and the challenge I guess will be to keep it that way or else it will look dead. It caters to a fairly wide demographic, basically lots of people who are into a more upmarket version of Toto’s or On Toes. There was what looked like a hen party going on at the table behind us and the woman with the veil took on a surreal hue as Sweet Child of Mine started playing. Our food order (we had abandoned Shiro’s a while ago) was quick and pretty damn good and the team whacked the flags which came planted in the food as office memorabilia. That’s because we really couldn’t afford the grossly overpriced merchandise in the HRC Shop, I mean 900 bucks for a t-shirt!! Anyway, when in Mumbai it’s a must visit – as my colleague said it’s one of the few places in Mumbai which has got their music right.

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