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Hotel Maris

Reviewed by Viren
11, Cathedral Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai

Ph: 044 2811 7472

Map: Click Here

This seedy hotel is on Cathedral Road, Madras, right next to the Chola Sheraton. The bar here’s one of those dank smoky places you expect a gangsta flick to be shot in.

Well, the prices ain’t half bad. There’s a lot of dudes with lungis ( dhotis ) sitting around, and it adds to the atmosphere. Lotsa snacks on hand.

I think this place is open from around 11 in the morn to ’bout 12 at night. If you get sick of this place, you can always skip down the road to Hotel Ganpat ( a bar really ), another low-lit place, where they have some pretty good booze. Not to mention, they have a constant stream of cricket from the TV there. Of course, it didn’t help last time since I was meeting up with a couple old friends from 2 years ago, and ended up puking my guts out all over the toilet after about 10 Marco Polo extra strongs.

All said, if you’re looking for a diversion from the usual upscale boy-band-crowd infested bars, check these two out. They won’t disappoint you.

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