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39, St Marks Road,Shivajinagar,Bangalore, Karnataka, 560001

Ph: 080 22915840

Timings: 9 AM to 11:30 PM

Map: Click Here

Akin to Peco’s in that it is one of the landmarks of Bangalore, and doesn’t need much of a review, but for those not in the know this will provide a little exposure. We landed in Bangalore on a Monday night and had a morning meeting. Prior to that, we trundled into Koshy’s for breakfast and a cuppa. Not only does Koshy’s do the night thing, but it also does the morning and noon things also, which makes it an extremely versatile animal and if you’re not into mixing with the plebians, then you can also duck into the air-conditioned comfort and caparisoned luxury of the inside place. The one thing which Koshy’s doesn’t do is cocktails. In the epic words of the waiter, it involves too much work to mix a cocktail. 

Well anyway, the next day we were at 180 Proof cheek to cheek with Bangalore’s glitterati and having a drink. After that, Ramesh and I decided to saunter down to Koshy’s and did dinner. We took a look in at the air-conditioned place, but the crowd outside looked far more interesting. Koshy’s has always attracted that strange breed of intellectuals who finds himself at home only in coffee houses, except that in Koshy’s he’d have to be a little more well-heeled, else he could always head for India Coffee House on M.G. Road. In fact every Sunday afternoon a merry gang dedicated to drinking and fine conversation congregates at one of the corner tables. One of our team was once dragged to such a meeting after a quiz, where he heard someone almost recite an Ode to Beer. Some of our more earthy pals used to spend numerous man-days ogling at the groupies surrounding Girish Karnad – who used to be a habitue long ago. 

Well anyway we opted for the crowd and settled into a Ice beer (no cocktails remember) and ordered Jumbo prawns and a Veg. Biryani and surveyed the crowd. The food when it arrived was rather good, although the jumbo prawns were a bit of a misnomer, especially for anyone who’s used to supping in a shack in Goa, but they were fresh. Not much more I can really say about Koshy’s, except that if you’re in Bangalore and are looking for a place to just chill, eat some good food, drink a beer and read a book, then you shouldn’t look beyond Koshy’s. 

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