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Legends of Rock

No-903-905, 3rd Cross, 6th Block, 80feet Road, Koramangala , Bangalore, Karnataka 560095

Ph: 080 4130 3232

Timings: 11:00AM to 11:30PM

Map: Click Here

I love drinking while listening to loud rock or retro music that will let me sing along, bob a little or head bang, depending on how far into the drinking I am and how good the music is. The name Legends of Rock sounded like I’ll have the perfect drinking night there.

So it was that when a friend landed up from Chennai a whole bunch of us got together and decided to head to LoR. We found it on 80Ft Road, Koramangala without much difficulty. I confidently ignored appearances when they failed to impress – to me the name and my mood held enough promise to overlook a lot of things. We climbed the stairs, paid a cover of Rs. 300 per head and proceeded to find a table (I personally don’t like sitting at a table, but the group wanted one). Now LoR is spread over 3 floors – the overcrowded Floor 1 is where the DJ is, the music is the loudest and the regular crowd hangs out around the bar and at tables. We proceeded to Floor 2, the lounge area and plonked ourselves on nice comfortable sofas. Music was not loud enough, but what the heck, we were there to drink and talk and the pub’s name showed promise!

For the first round, we just ordered the standard pitcher of beer (pretty flat), vodka with apple juice and rum with cola. The peanut masala, the fries and the chicken nuggets were all decent, though nothing exceptional. We looked around, expecting the décor to overwhelm with pics of rock icons, displays of musical instruments, band merchandise etc, sort of like Purple Haze or Hard Rock Cafe, but there was nothing, absolutely, besides the rock-ish name. Hmm.. it was time to give up on the high expectations and just get down to drinking. 

After the first 2 rounds, we moved to more interesting pages of the menu – shooters and cocktails. And this is when the party got really interesting. Having heard about the deadliness of LoR’s very own concoction ‘Legends on Ice’, I decided to try that next. The genius of ‘Legends on Ice’ is that it’s just a normal Long Island Iced Tea, except that while LIT tops the vodka, rum, gin, triple sec and whatever alcohol with cola, LOI tops it with WINE!! Just the thought made me scream ‘I want that!’. So a couple of others also ordered that potent mix. The rest of us ordered tequila shot after tequila shot and some gin shooters, on an average of 4 per head. But the LOI was undoubtedly the best drink around. Soon enough, the happiness of my high made the rest of the table say “I’ll have what she’s having”. In other words, those of us who had the LOI had exceptionally great highs and no hangover the next morning, though in the night we were behaving like blabbering buffoons.

The music was very unpredictable. Turns out, it is rather unpredictable all the time, according to friends who’ve gone there. One minute they were playing Du Hast and the next, Hotel California, which had all of us wondering what the DJ had been drinking. Service is pretty good, we didn’t have anything to complain about, all the orders were taken and delivered perfectly. There is also a rooftop area, where you can smoke over your drink.

On the whole, a nice experience, the high point of the evening being the discovery of the Legends on Ice cocktail. It’s a must-drink if you go there. 

The downside is that the name is rather misleading. With a name like Legends of Rock, I would expect kickass legendary rock music, which will make you trip, but there was nothing of the sort. 

On the whole, I would go there again only for the LOI.

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