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Model Town, Link Road,
Opp. Preet Palace,

Ph: 0161 241 2566

Map: Click here

The drive from the GT road bypass into Ludhiana offers a sharp study in contrast. One moment you are coasting along with a canopy of trees on one side and a canal on another, and the next moment you are plunged into the dust and grime of Ludhiana, with its half-completed flyovers and its disintegrating roads. The resultant thirst is acute, urgent and demands instant slaking.

A good place to slake this thirst is Neelgiri’s Pub. It is on the same road as Kular Plaza. Kular Plaza? Kular Plaza!

Henry Ford senior has influenced the promoters of N. P.. You can have any sort of booze in the place as long as its beer. There is a full length bar -but that’s basically for effect. So it seems are the beer-engines.

In Ludhiana, we head the wimp brat pack and we ordered Kingfishers. It is a novel experience watching the waiter’s lip automatically curled in scorn, while the rest of him is deferential. Beer in N.P. ain’t beer if it ain’t Thunderbolt. They didn’t remember the last time that anybody had ordered the brew and the supply chain was not geared for non-uniform demand patterns. Hence, no Kingfisher. We got Sandpiper instead. We weren’t complaining as our high regard for this beer has been mentioned in other places. This they’d chilled crisp and it hit the spot straight away. In the background the Vengaboys, kept repeating their travel plans (they really do get around- Ibiza, Brazil, etc).

Nothing is for free in this heartland of Punjabi enterprise and industry, and therefore no free snacks. We didn’t sample anything, as my fellow-riosterers of the evening were very keen to go to a Dhaba on the banks of the canal and get smashed there, which we proceeded to do.

In short, Neelgiri’s is a great place to hang-out in Ludhiana if you have thirst that’s a mile wide and don’t want to go to an ahata or some run-of-the-mill bar.




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