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Paulaner Brauhaus

Reviewed by Shanky

Paulaner Brauhaus
#01-01 Millenia Walk,
9 Raffles Boulevard.
Ph : 883-2572
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Paulaner is one of the biggest names in breweries in Munich, and have recently introduced this microbrewery into Singapore. This one is version two, taken over from the original franchisee and now run directly by the parent organisation in association with Lufthansa catering.

It’s a three-level eatery-cum-pub, located in Millenia Walk, a stone’s throw from Suntec City and the Conrad Hotel. Bräuhaus (which sounds like Brewhouse if you can screw your tongue around the umlauts in proper German fashion) is, well, a brew house. It brews fresh beer in that huge vat in the centre and serves it up it tall thin glasses. Downstairs is the pub, but be warned that seating is very difficult to get. Tall wooden tables, tall stools for seating, tall glasses, a tall vat towering above all of it, that’s how this place goes. The first thing you notice about the place is the crunching noise under your shoes. Looking down will fill you with awe – in super clean Singapore the floor is littered in Calcutta local train fashion with peanut shells! Each table is adorned with a rough cloth bag full of peanuts that you’re supposed to peel, eat and litter on the ground in complete defiance of the world outside.

This place serves a lot of German food also, the main thing of interest to a drinker being the sausages. Nürnberg, Cheese Knackers, Bratwurst, huge portions of sausages will land up at your command – a perfect, sufficiently unhealthy accompaniment to the quarts of beer that you’re going to drink here. Paulaner has a full bar too, but stick to what you came for. Tall glasses of red or yellow, cold, fresh-brewed beer. The beer is outstanding, well worth the fight to get a table and slow service.

For a review of the food, (which I did not touch but for sausages) look at the review in AsiaOne








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