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Hotel Clarks Amer
Jawaharlal Nehru Marg
Jaipur 302 009.
Tel. : (+91-141) 2550616

Map: Click here

Use Google ? Stupid question ? Well hit your google toolbar and type in “tablu” and see what you get. The result you’re looking for is the Greek word for Desert blue sky, or so says Samanda the Australian who manages Tablu for The Clarks Amer, Jaipur. What you’ll get is a helpful prompt from Google – “Did you mean to search for: table” – the nearest I got was that Tablu in the Karen language in Thailand can mean Hello; I love you.

Screw it. Google should be the last thing on your mind, when you’re at Tablu, unless you want the words Super geek tattooed you know where. Tablu is for my money, little though there is of it, one of India’s most spectacular bars. Located at the roof top of the Clarks Amer, it was last on our list while we were bar hopping through Jaipur. After visiting yet another English pub lookalike and a train meant to be done up as a bar, Tablu was a sight for sore eyes, especially in the evening time. It’s composed of two parts, open and closed. Head for the open. Ringed by four tall pillars, which also provide partial shadow and help close out a part of the night sky, Tablu offers you a great view of Jeypore.

It’s not just the view, it’s the way Tablu has been designed, with an attention to painstaking delight, from the beautiful candle shades on the table to the fish patterned mosaic. If I had to copy one bar in India, Tablu it would be. Tables are scattered around the open courtyard, with some low seating also. With someone worth it? Pick a corner table for two, demand that your candle be lit (if it isn’t already) and gaze at the view (if you’re a geek that is).

You can’t change the music, so don’t bother trying. It’s set in stone and fortunately is eclectic music from the 60’s to current day and mostly well worth listening to. If you’re in the mood for bhangra pop, this is not the place to hear “kala chashma”. Samanda does not encourage promotions also, as she feels that it alters the ambience and intrudes. Admission is open door. No silly door rules. So you could be cheek by jowl with the GM of the Rambagh palace or Rajasthani royalty. Tablu is an art gallery cum bar cum cafe and you can purchase if you wish one of the many paintings dotting its walls.

Like all good things, Tablu has its weak points and the drinks unfortunately are one of them. Don’t order a cocktail. Impressed by the fact that the menu boasted a Moscow Mule (the cocktail which made Smirnoff into a household name in America), we ordered one as well , with a Whisky Sour for my companion. Both drinks left much to be asked for. They were using dry ginger, instead of Ginger Beer for the Moscow Mule and the taste bore witness. The Whisky Sour too lacked pizzazz as did the Margarita which followed. Stick to something safe like a Vodka Tonic or a Beer.

The other weak point is the food, of which there is not much, either in choice or in quantities on your plate! You can’t complete your evening at Tablu and dining at one of the Clark Amer’s restaurants would be a sad come down. Do something Samanda.

The food sucks and so do a lot of the drinks, so why should we visit Tablu? Just do it. Remember Tulleeho would never give you a bum ride. Write in to us @ tulleeho@tulleeho.com with your own Tablu experience. And remember to look in to her eyes and not at the view!
P.S – You can buy as I did, one of the many interior embellishments which dot Tablu at the Jaipur Shop in the hotel lobby.



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