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Weisses Brauhaus

Reviewed by Shanky

Weisses Brauhaus
Tal 7, 80331 München
+49 89 2901380
Hours: 8 am to 12.00 am
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Among all the noisy exuberant beer pubs in Munich, the Weisses Brauhaus must rank foremost specially because of its excellent weissbeer (a cloudy, unflitered yeast beer, for the ignorant). A huge, no-frills pub populated by large basic wooden benches and huge attitude Bavarian waitresses, this pub focuses on the two enduring concerns of the Münchener; beer and football. The pub is located in the central pedestrian area, about 50m from the Marienplatz. On a bright day, there are a large number of people sitting on the benches outside, but there’s also a cavernous interior that also has a large number of people sitting on benches. This is your most basic drinking joint. The waitresses – hardworking Bavarian matrons with huge bosoms and arms to challenge Schwarzenegger wear black uniforms with white trim and are simply the size that you would never, ever argue back with. There’s a reason for the size – their standard activity seems to consist of going past carrying four huge litre-sized beer mugs in each hand (In case you can’t do your math, that’s about 6 kg per hand.) Surly on the first impression, they turned out to be boisterously friendly and extremely amused at my feeble attempts at ordering in German.

It turns out I need not have bothered with ordering, the choices are simple, basic and very wide – lots of combinations of meat, potatoes and beer. The roast shank of pork was what the guidebook recommended, and one huge frothing mug of weissbeer landed up on my table followed shortly by about a kilo of roast pork in what I later discovered was beer sauce. Now to the beer.

First let me tell you that this place had the best beer I had in Munich, not least because I’m partial to weissbeer. It seems the pub was originally set up 500 years ago, in 1540 (yes, yes, another one). It was bombed in the war, and recreated afterwards. The current pub is run by the Schneider family, who are the Rolls Royce of weissbeers, so don’t go there and drink pilsner. And it is excellent weissbeer; unconditionally my favourite variety of beer alas available rarely outside Germany. I tried one in USA and puked.

Food-wise, they have a huge menu but just about anything you order is some combination of meat and potatoes, dripping in calories and worth drooling over. Almost all the meat is roasted (well done, so don’t worry). The portions were among the largest I had in Germany, but well, after a while its just academic. What is famous here (along with the aforementioned massive pork knuckle) is the weisswurst (white sausages, not wheat this time) but that is served only until noon and often runs out earlier. The huge portions do not distract from the basics – the food is excellent and could be recommended even to a non-drinker. And for those hapless veggies in Germany, they have a huge cheese-based vegetarian platter.

One interesting quirk about the place (and about many places in Germany) is that the toilet, even the peeing, is paid. Unless you’re a camel, all that beer is going to come out of the other end soon enough. You have to shell out for every leak, so factor that into your budgets. The place (as you might expect) is otherwise not expensive. Finding place to sit may not be the easiest thing, but these pubs are very accommodative. People share benches with strangers not unlike a train in India, and the usual capacity of six often stretches to eight or more.


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