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by Jasoos

Long ago, in the "best beach in the world", town of Cancun. We came into town on a horseback after a morning in the wild. Midday snacks included "Chirrotities" and "Buuel". I remember waking up only on Tuesday with the smell of Christian Dior all over and feeling sore below the belt. Read More »


by Defried

I like beer. I also like strawberries! So I thought of joining them together, and to make it taste stronger and sweet, I added vodka and triple sec. I now have a refreshing beer! Read More »


by Dale Dahlstrom

Halloween Drink that will send you to the graveyard!
{Warning} Bartenders, allow only one of these and add less amounts of the 7 liqueurs if the person is not much of a drinker. Read More »


by Sri

One evening, my friend Vj and I met after work and went to my place to catch a movie. I had 2 Beers in my fridge and he bought a Brandy. We were too tired to go out and get more of either Brandy or Beer. so Voila! B2B, and then discussed business. Tip: Go very slow after the first two shots and ask your friend who is driving to stay sober. Read More »

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