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Cocktails – Macerados

MaceradosMacerados translates as Macerated in English. It literally means infusion. Macerados are very popular in Latin speaking countries. The story of macerados goes back to grandmas macerating fruits in aguardiente (alcoholic beverage that contains 29%-60% ABV) to make it fruity …

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Bitters – by Hemant Mundkur


Salt is to food as ___ is to cocktails.

If you guessed the missing “dash” as bitters, then you’re right! Bitters are what define cocktails in today’s world. A quality bartender will always use bitters in his or her cocktails, …

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Cocktail Time – Flavoured Syrups – by Ameya Sharma



Cocktails now days are a fashion statement. Cocktails are evolving. And this is all possible because people like you and me who are aware of what we are drinking, so obviously the bar is raised.

There are basic definitions …

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Cocktail Time – Infusions – by Hemant Pathak



Infuse a spirit with your favorite flavors to give your cocktails a kick without adding extra syrups or ingredients, it sounds really interesting. This is also one of the oldest technique which helps to make liqueurs out of liquor. …

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