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Ingredients Glossary


Traditional Indian cooler made with nuts herbs and other condiments. Has a milky base. Yet another part of India’s massive bio-wealth which will be pillaged by some unscrupulous scum unless its is protected.…

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Sambuca is an Italian liqueur made by infusing Witch Elder Bush and licorice. I’m guessing you already know what licorice is, and I’m gonna leave it up to your imagination as to what the hell Witch Elder Bush is. 

Suffice …

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Sake is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from rice in Japan. It is often referred to as both a wine and a beer. This is because it is brewed like a beer from grain (rice) and often stored and served …

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Very popular sherbet made by Hamdard Labs in India and a very well kept secret. Used widely in flavouring sweets, ice-creams, milk shakes and a summer cooler. Off late it is also finding acceptance as a cocktail mixer.…

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Peppermint liqueur

Clear spirit with peppermint flavour for want of another explanation. What did you think it would be? If you want to experience the taste get some vodka. Powder some Polo (with or without hole) and stir into vodka. Let is …

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Pani puri ka pani

Highly spiced liquid which into which the Golgappas (also called Pani Puri-difficult to explain here without arm-waving and diagrams) are dipped. Depending on the person selling it can range from being very mildly flavoured to highly spicy.…

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