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Ingredients Glossary


Famous Greek aniseed spirit. Will remind Indians of “saunf”. Could also include licorice, mint, wintergreen, fennel and hazelnut. Turns cloudy when water is added because anise oil dissolves and becomes invisible when mixed with a conventional alcohol content, but as …

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Maraschino liqueur

Maraschino is a clear, relatively dry liqueur made from Marasca cherries, including the crushed pits which give it a subtle bitter almond flavor. The cherries are processed and distilled much like brandy, and later combined with a pure cane syrup …

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Maraschino Cherries

Cherries are used mainly as garnish to decorate a cocktail before it is served. A maraschino cherry is a cherry that has been macerated in a flavored sugar syrup, and then dyed. Red maraschino cherries are usually almond flavored, while …

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Nothing to do with Pilulaw Khus, the Chumash elder. Scientific name is Vetiveria zizanoides. Poppy seed and the essence is used widely as a perfume and a flavouring agent. Bio-piracy bait from India unless protected.…

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A self-styled cult liqueur made from 56 (exact aren’t we!) herbs, roots and fruits from around the world. Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Bitter Orange from Australia, etc. etc. Run, Lola Run. …

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