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Ingredients Glossary


Grenadine (grenadine syrup) is blood-red, strong syrup made from pomegranates. It is the number one among fruit syrups, and is used in many cocktails not only for sweetening, but also to give them a red color. The best pomegranates available …

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Grand Marnier

From the Lapostolle family, Grand Marnier is a first class orange flavored liqueur. It is made from Cognac flavored with the peel of bitter Haitian oranges (that is what is supposed to make it diff from others who have to …

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The Distinctive Liqueur Galliano is an Italian herb liqueur made from more than 30 herbs, spices, berries and flowers from both alpine and tropical regions. This liqueur is unique, not only in the shape of its bottle which recalls a …

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There are two types of feni, cashew and palm. Coconut or palm feni is distilled from the toddy that is tapped each morning. Cashew feni, the more popular (with the local populace) of the two, is distilled from the fruit …

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Drambuie : 

Made from the finest Scotch and herbs. It’s first recorded serving was when the Mackinnon family offered it to Bonnie Prince Charlie when he escaped from the English forces. As we all know B P Charlie went down …

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Curaçao : 

A general term for orange-flavored liqueur made from the dried peel of bitter oranges found on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. 
Curaçao can be colored orange (known as Orange Curaçao or only Curaçao), blue (Blue Curaçao), green (Green …

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Cranberry Juice

A juice made by cooking cranberries in water, a pinch of salt and depending upon your preferences, orange juice. Add sugar if you must. The berry itself owes its name to the Pilgrim fathers who called it a craneberry because …

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