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Confessions of a Wine Maker – Kelly Healey, Chandon India

If I wasn’t making wine, I’d bea Chocolatier.

Favourite fruit apart from grapes, I’d like to use to make wine fromKiwifruit.

Favourite perfume iswhatever my wife is wearing.

Favourite wine region in the world isChampagne.

As a wine maker my number one asset is myOlfactory sensory perception.

I’d like to see my wine drunk by ….people new to wine..

Kelly Healey

Kelly Healey

Something a wine maker should never do isbelieve the hype.

My wine making mentor was …. Charles “Chilly” Hargrave – Group Sparkling Winemaker – Treasury Wine Estates.

Behind every successful wine maker is agreat team of dedicated cellar hands and laboratory technicians

My desert island wine is ….Krug Grand Cuvee.

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