Honest, we didn’t pay for this. In fact our offers for bribes met with a rude rebuff. An authentic comment from a journo – “As I said, I actually use Tulleeho as a guide to drinking out in Delhi, which as your reviews indicate, is not always an entertaining proposition.”

Tulleeho Book of Cocktails in the press

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Attn girls! Admissions open!

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Tulleeho Bartending Academy opens in Bengaluru.

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Indians say “cheers” to booming local wine industry.

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A new series on CNN-IBN called Out of The Box features a story on Tulleeho.

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As Cash Flows In, India Goes Out to Eat

Express Travel & Tourism [November, 2004]

Cover Story : Wine Tourism – Nascent Industry…Immense Potential
…Sula, Champagne Indage and Tulleeho are working hard towards developing India’s wine culture and in the future will not only popularise winedrinking, probably have our own wine tourism!…
[ Read the story here ]

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Tulleeho Experiences
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In High Spirits
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India Wining : Don’t go to France for that vineyard tour. Follow that heady Tulleeho wine trail here in India.
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Log on to the One Stop Shop
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Tulleeho Surfs Off-line
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Financial Express December 19, 2000

‘Passion Fund Picks up Stake in Tulleeho’
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Cosmopolitan [October, 2000]

25 Wired websites
A selection of the whackiest homegrown ideas compiled specially for Cosmopolitan by webguide and search engine, Indian Index.com. # 2 – Tulleeho.com -” Boozers guide. You can review your fave pubs too. ”

The Week [Aug 27, 2000]

Tulleeho features as one of the 10 ‘Big Ideas that clicked with VC’s ‘ pages 42-43.

Asian Age [ 30 July, 2000]

All Tullee Trivia (1-3) questions were featured in ‘Fundamentals’ in the Age on Sunday, page 19.

Business World [19 June 2000]

Hang-out/Infotech Sites To Look At

” At last a couple of sites that have some real imagination behind them. While the merits of tulleeho.com’s advice might be debatable, about one thing there can be no doubt – the guys who run the site, now six months old, have a great sense of humour. Not unnaturally, the site has been able to build up a loyal following which contributes freely with reviews and other singular outpourings, some of which are outrageously funny. So what’s it all about then ? If you haven’t guessed already, the site is an online guide to pubcrawling in India ( and a few places abroad) or what passes for it anyway. While the serious drinker doesn’t really need a website to guide him to the nearest bottle, this is a great place for a good laugh, such a rarity among Indian websites, most of which are either too earnest or even worse, desperately trying to be funny and failing quite miserably. ”

India Today [Special Issue 2000]

India’s 50 Most-Useful Sites

“tulleeho.com – Quirky, fun reviews of watering holes in India. Booze news and recipes. Write reviews for them. ”

HT City [28 March, 2000]

Web Fundas
Bottoms up with liquor sites

“Boozing is a community passtime. It isn’t very enjoyable alone and without a group that’ll lift mugs and go, “Cheers!”. Tulleeho.com is one terrific platform site for die-hard tullees. The only Indian online guide to bars and other such ‘alcohol-serving places’, the site has liquor practically flowing all over the web! The content is amply intoxicating. In a shayarana andaaz the site welcomes the boozing community. The engaging manner typical to an intelligent boozer continues throughout the site. The top placed pubs section opens with a bewildering labyrinth and a few directional words. What follows is not just a listing of pubs in Delhi, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Punjab, but also ‘unbiased views’ on the ones visited by tulleehos. And you bet, nobody is as truthful as a boozer, so if one says ‘for those who remember the old Ankur ( Ankur Coffee shop at Asiad Village ) with fondness, those days are gone’ , you got to believe his thinking! Tulleeho also promises to pay you to get tullee! You actually can earn Rs.300 for every review of a drinking joint that they publish. Just send them the review ( ofcourse, written in normal state of mind) and the bill and on acceptance they’ll send you a demand draft. Of utmost service is also their Happy Hours Data, though limited to Delhi only. The site has some nicely concocted content and offers the essential services. And thankfully, the design doesn’t look too jarring. However, the homepage should’ve been more impressive. It misses the wild booze-illusions and drowsiness. But, boozers don’t actually mind packaging, the liquor inside matters. On this front, the site has enough meat and placed where it matters. Know your booze, a raunchy section, explains each and every kind of liquor. The desi spirits are revived with varieties like Tchang from Tibet, Palm Toddy from coastal Andhra and the famous Kesar Kasturi manufactured by Sri Ganganagar Sugar Mills. The Tulleeho newslette, Salmagundi, with news from the liquor industry and best booze links is interesting. You can also join the most happening boozers by posting your own cocktail recipes, placed with the likes of ’sex on the beach’ or ‘fire and ice’. Liquor books, contests, poll etc. happen to be other interesting features on the site. So, click ( hic!) into the drunkards territory, and read on those rare thoughts which surface only on dim evenings over one peg after another! ”

India Today [Feb 21, 2000]

Metro Today / Go Web

Tulleeho.com is an online guide to bars and other watering holes in the country. It’s whimsically written – by a bunch of friends and contributors who simply visit, drink and jot down their impressions, very acerbically at times – and is very useful for the average reader. It’s a site with a sense of humor. Also features cocktail recipes, details of happy hours, discounts and so on. Contributors are paid for their reviews; rates vary with each city. Send your write-ups to makemerry@tulleeho.com”

Business Standard [Wed. Feb 16, 2000]

Page 6, Web Review

” Boozers of the world unite, happy hours are here again. And informing Indians living in the metros about them is www.tulleeho.com . A very desi site, tulleeho.com reviews “bars and such like places” in Delhi, Mumbai and a few in Calcutta, Chandigarh and Ludhiana. The reviews are well-written and provide enough information on the prices, which includes the discounts offered during happy hours, quality and ambience of various bars across the five cities. While Delhi and Mumbai bars are covered extensively, reviews of bars in the other cities have just started. And this is where users of the Infobahn and the mug that cheers get to pitch in. The site not only invites reviews, but also pays for them. There’s more. Want to brush up your knowledge on all things alcoholic ? The site has a section called ‘Know your booze’ that delves deep ( not quite, but what the hic!) into it. It also offers cocktail recipes and advice on offbeat places to get smashed in – like Mashobra, if you know where it is. ”

The Statesman [Fri. Feb 18 2000]

Page 7, Net.news

“Get thirsty while surfing ? Visit www.tulleeho.com. This wackily written and produced site invites and gets reviews of bars and pubs around the country. The nice thing about it is that the assessments are staunchly individualistic. There’s a DIY section: make your own cocktails by following tulleeho.com’s recipes. If that proves too expensive sift through the details of the discounts and happy hours offered by watering holes in various cities. But the best thing is that you get paid for sending your reviews. Go out, have a drink, send your views at makemerry@tulleeho.com, get paid, go out again.”

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