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Khisko Sour

by Prabhu

It is a modification of an age old Peruvian Drink "Pisco Sour", which is made out of Pisco - a local drink, quite similar to vodka. However, Vodka may be well substituted for Pisco. Read More »


by Awadesh Kumar

I tried out this drink at Park Royal, New Delhi. At first I mixed cranberry juice and sambuca and called it "aro-man-tic". But a tall drink was not asked for, instead an after-dinner was requested, so this drink came out. As far as the name "aro-man-tic" is concerned, if you remove 'ntic', it becomes aroma & if you remove 'a', it becomes romantic. Read More »

Brandy Saucer

By A.kranthi kumar

I had created this cocktail in my bar and given it to my regular guest for a sip, he was satisfied and asked me to make this drink...! And not only this he also forgot what he was drinking earlier! Cheers! Read More »

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