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by Dale Dahlstrom

Halloween Drink that will send you to the graveyard!
{Warning} Bartenders, allow only one of these and add less amounts of the 7 liqueurs if the person is not much of a drinker. Read More »

Old Fashioned

old fashioned

Sadly neglected these days, the Old-Fashioned is the ur-cocktail. Originally -- in 1806, at least, which is good enough for us -- a "cock tail" was a morning drink made up of a little water, a little sugar, a lot of liquor, and a couple splashes of bitters - Make it with whiskey, and you have an Old-Fashioned. Read More »

Whiskey Sour

whiskey sour

Whether you prefer the term classic, vintage, or retro, the Whiskey Sour definitely qualifies. It's one of the original cocktails, and appears in print as early as 1862, when it was included in Jerry Thomas' A Bartenders Guide. Read More »

John Collins

In England, this drink is traditionally credited to John Collins, a bartender who worked at Limmer's Hotel, Conduit Street, London. The 'coffee house' of this hotel, a true dive bar, was popular with sporting types during the 19th century, and famous, according to the 1860s memoirs of a Captain Gronow, for its gin-punch as early as 1814. Read More »

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