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by Sri

One evening, my friend Vj and I met after work and went to my place to catch a movie. I had 2 Beers in my fridge and he bought a Brandy. We were too tired to go out and get more of either Brandy or Beer. so Voila! B2B, and then discussed business. Tip: Go very slow after the first two shots and ask your friend who is driving to stay sober. Read More »


By Vikrant Nath

Sitting in the remote outpost of Ladakh, we had a lot of time on our hands and not enough exotic liqueurs. Our quest for the best bar in the Himalayas made us experiment with locally available ingredients to develop our own substitutes for these liqueurs / cocktail mixes. We called these the OLS or Original Ladakhi substitutes. Read More »

Clap of Thunder

by Ajay

I was left with just enough stock for 3 of us friends when we had unexpected guests. There was no way a single drink would suffice for all. Then I suggested this cocktail, it tastes great and is quite potent. No hangovers the next day. Read More »

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