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Hot Ice

by Ashok Daniel

Made in desperation on a real hot day with only vodka in the house, and tender coconut water. Read More »

The Parker Wadi Special

by Maya

So I find myself in some bombed out little village-by-the-sea between Alibag and Kashid/Murud/Janjira ostensibly to spend time with an overworked boyfriend. What 'spending time' amounts to, among other things, is figuring out what to do with all the coconuts falling on us. The solution - drink it! What makes it special is that the said boyfriend would mix the most amazing cocktails and serve them in great style...even out of the damn coconut! I think he had a game plan. He got what he wanted, and so did I! Read More »

Swimming Pool

by Kartik

This recipe is the other version of Pina Colada. Swimming Pool was introduced in Indus Cocktail Bar and Tandoor. A Russian guest whose request for going to the pool was turned down as the hotel didn't have a pool. So as he stood at the bar counter waiting, being a bartender I asked him what the problem was??? So to make it up to him, I said would you like to swim in an exquisite 320 ml pool? He was thoroughly shocked as he heard this and enquired about it. I said its a specially made cocktail for people who either can't swim or don't get to!!! I could see the shine in his eyes as his face lit up. He tried my cocktail and almost forgot the disappointment of not getting to swim ... as he swam like a swan in the exquisite Swimming Pool Cocktail. Read More »

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