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Ramos Gin Fizz

In 1888, Henrico C. Ramos bought the Imperial Cabinet Saloon, New Orleans, where he created this cocktail. The recipe was a secret until the saloon closed at the start of Prohibition. Henrico's brother, Charles Henry Ramos, gave the recipe to the world. This gin drink tastes like a floral bouquet, thanks to the addition of orange flower water. Read More »

Khisko Sour

by Prabhu

It is a modification of an age old Peruvian Drink "Pisco Sour", which is made out of Pisco - a local drink, quite similar to vodka. However, Vodka may be well substituted for Pisco. Read More »

White Lady

In 1919 Harry MacElhone, while working at Ciro’s Club, London, England, created his first White Lady with 2 shots triple sec, 1 shot white crème de menthe and 1 shot lemon juice. In 1923, he created the White Lady above at his own Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, France. Read More »

Whiskey Sour

Whether you prefer the term classic, vintage, or retro, the Whiskey Sour definitely qualifies. It's one of the original cocktails, and appears in print as early as 1862, when it was included in Jerry Thomas' A Bartenders Guide. Read More »

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