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Cranberry Mojito

By Priyam

I love Mojitos just as much as I love cranberry juice... I first tried making it with only cranberry juice and no soda..but it was too sweet. Then I added a bit of soda..and wow the tangy zesty flavour was just brought out by it... Read More »

Burn my lips

by B Rajkumar

This recipe was made by me, when I had given a Caipirojka to a guest of mine. He was not satisfied with my drink. Later I came to know that the person liked spicy and strong cocktails, so I thought inspite of sugar, let me use Tabasco to give him the spicy taste and rimmed the glass with salt to give balance to the drink. Maybe my recipe could not satisfy all, but surely it will be the best drink of those who like spicy drinks. Read More »


Cachaca, a spirit distilled from sugar cane juice, is the national spirit of Brazil and Brazilians consume an astonishing 2,000,000,000 liters of it a year. The caipirinha is a traditional Brazilian cocktail, using sugar and green lemons known as 'limon subtil' which grow in the country. The name means "little countryside drink". Read More »

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