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Court Jester

by Shyam Iyer

A conversation starter, a sure-shot shocker (scotch & ginger) and a very, very effective way of seeing that "yuck" expression on your own face. Enjoy.…

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Hot Ice

by Ashok Daniel

Made in desperation on a real hot day with only vodka in the house, and tender coconut water. Read More »

Indian Summer

by Siddharth Prasad

Necessity is the mother of invention, and when my friend Anil Verma's mother rudely ejected him from home one hot afternoon on some unpleasant errand, the Other Mother kicked in with the inspiration. A little subsequent fine tuning, and eureka. Great if you have to go out into a boiling June afternoon; greater if you can just sit back in the shade and quietly float. Read More »

Vodka Aampanna

by Vikrant Nath

I usually start with a shot of dark rum, a splash of Creme De Menthe or Pudin Hara for flavour, and a little Kahlua and/or Bailey's. Other ingredients could include flavoured Schnapps, Southern Comfort, brandy, and vodka. Use your imagination. You know what you like, and if you think it'd taste good with hot chocolate, throw some in. You have to make sure you taste it as you mix. Great for winter parties or just cozying up with your significant other. Read More »

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