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by Rich

A girl wanted a flaming drink with Archer's that didn't get her pissed instantly so i gave her this. Read More »

The Screaming Virgin

By Gus Nigroid

It was the first time this guy had ever drank, and we gave him this drink. Half an hour after he drank it, he was seen naked and trying to climb an oak tree. Later on that night he was observed trying to make us a drink out of poison ivy. He had a rash on his hands for 3 months. Read More »


by Awadesh Kumar

I tried out this drink at Park Royal, New Delhi. At first I mixed cranberry juice and sambuca and called it "aro-man-tic". But a tall drink was not asked for, instead an after-dinner was requested, so this drink came out. As far as the name "aro-man-tic" is concerned, if you remove 'ntic', it becomes aroma & if you remove 'a', it becomes romantic. Read More »

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