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Ramos Gin Fizz

In 1888, Henrico C. Ramos bought the Imperial Cabinet Saloon, New Orleans, where he created this cocktail. The recipe was a secret until the saloon closed at the start of Prohibition. Henrico's brother, Charles Henry Ramos, gave the recipe to the world. This gin drink tastes like a floral bouquet, thanks to the addition of orange flower water. Read More »


by Jasoos

Long ago, in the "best beach in the world", town of Cancun. We came into town on a horseback after a morning in the wild. Midday snacks included "Chirrotities" and "Buuel". I remember waking up only on Tuesday with the smell of Christian Dior all over and feeling sore below the belt. Read More »

Rasko Da Gama

by Breadcrumbs

Once a tam bram who stayed with us put his daily dose of "Rasam" in a 7 Up bottle. We rewarded him by adding vodka to his buttermilk (that's mind blowing too). Read More »

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