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List of Columnists

  • Ashish Jasuja

    Ashish Jasuja is a yet inconsequential freelance beer writer who straddles between his living-out-of –the-suitcase corporate job and his other side. When not on the job he can be found in his laid back clad-in-shorts avatar recessing on a hammock listening to new-age 80’s electronica while dreaming of a back packing trip around South America. Besides being a spooky character match to his personality, beer (especially when consumed in hopelessly generous quantities) also provides a perfect escape from life’s existential dilemmas and other impertinent questions.
  • Anchal Kaushal

    Anchal Kaushal is a whisky mentor by profession, she spent eleven years in the corporate world, of which seven years were dedicated towards the alcoholic beverage industry brand marketing. This change in career was born out of the love for whisky and the desire to dedicate herself to the passion of seeking a deeper knowledge into this water of life ! She now runs a fabric called LIQUID SUNSHINE, with tastings and appreciations to help you discover and refine your palate. She believes in enjoying the evocative, sensorial journey of whisky discovery and having some great conversations along the way ! anchal@liquidsunshine.in
  • Anand Chintamani

    Anand is a trained Malter, and has conducted and attended international forums on whisky appreciation and tasting. A keen golfer and malt whisky collector, he has visited, trained and been a part of the master distiller training sessions at over 10 distilleries across Scotland, Ireland and US, such as; Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Kininvie, Strathisla, Oban, Macallan, Cardhu, Bowmore, Lagavulin, Glen elgin, John Dewar & Sons.
  • Elisabeth Spinnler

    Nina E. Spinnler is running an organic wine business in Europe. Her love for wine is an inherited passion. Winemaking traditions as an index of civilization, the interaction of human evolution with growing knowledge of the subtle art of viticulture, are one of her favorites and matching her interest in history. She is living in Southern Portugal.
  • Navin Mittal

    Navin Mittal is the founder of Gateway Brewing Co. – Mumbai’s first packaging craft brewery. He has been brewing since 7+ years and has been educated at Brewlab.co.uk. Check out www.gatewaybrewery.com and on twitter @gatewaybrewery.
  • pankaj@tulleeho.com'

    Pankaj Arora

    Pankaj works with Tulleeho in New Delhi. Prior to this, he spent 11 years with ITC Hotels.
  • Rajjat Gulati

    Rajjat fell in love with Coffee 10 years ago and now spends all his free time taking in the wide gamut of experiences the magic bean has to offer. He has run his own cafes - which often involved tasting a 100 different espresso shots a day. He is now down to a safe 5-cups-a-day and enjoys them in the company of his wife and his 4 pets - Crema, Mocha, Java and Piccolo. He consults for coffee projects on the side and the method of coffee preparation he currently favours is the Aeropress.
  • Rohan Jelkie

    Rohan is a beverage trainer for the wines & spirits trade in India and has had experience in running training projects in SE Asia. An ardent fan of the craft of the cocktail, you can be sure to run into him at a bar near by cloaked in his alter ego, the thirsty tippler.
  • Rakshit Khurana

    Rakshit Khurana is with the MMI Bar Academy in Dubai. Prior to this, he worked with Tulleeho in New Delhi. Prior to working with Tulleeho, Rakshit spent more than 5 years working on board Princess Cruises, where he was last an Assistant Sommelier.
  • Rushina Munshaw

    Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal is a corporate food consultant, food writer, food stylist and author with more than 12 years of experience in the Indian food industry. She began her food career in 2004, as one of India’s pioneering food bloggers. Today she heads A Perfect Bite® Consulting, a premier food consulting firm and India’s first home cooking studio – the APB Cook Studio®. Her first book, A Pinch of This, A Handful of That, released in December 2013. 
  • Ulric Nijs

    Ulric is a Belgian national who’s been holed up in the UAE from time immemorial representing some of the world’s top brands as a brand ambassador. In the early part of his career, he worked in a series of bars in Hong Kong and London, during which time he picked up a slew of awards, both for himself and for the bars he worked with.
  • Vikram Achanta

    Vikram is co-founder and CEO of www.tulleeho.com, a drinks website and Tulleeho, a drinks training and consulting firm.
  • Vishpala Hundekari

    Vishpala is an Architect and Furniture Designer (NID). For the last 14 years she has  designed homes that are contemporary, classy and uniquely Indian. Her furniture blends functionality and form with the space to create a unique lifestyle experience. Her signature style is most visible in home bars and children's rooms. She is passionate about traditional Indian arts and crafts and as a founder of Ekibeki works with artisans across the country to create contemporary lifestyle accessories and home furniture and interiors while improving the livelihoods of the artisans. She lives in Mumbai with her husband and 3 kids.
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