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Do you think beer drinkers ever experiment with other spirits? If I need to move beer drinkers to whisky drinking what fundamental brand and category truths do I need to keep in mind?

Is there any published reserach regarding behaviours,habits and preferences of ber drinkers vis a vis whisky drinkers in India


Hi Ajit,

Yes beer drinkers do experiment with spirits and at times they love the combination. In fact few beer drinkers love to pair their Whisky with beer, they chase their whisky preferably neat or on the rocks, with beer. If you would like to move beer drinkers to spirits try introducing adjunct beers like Amigos(flavored with Tequila) or St. Peter's Saints Whisky beer(flavored with whisky) and later they can gradually progress to spirits. Please do share your experiences on the same.

Tulleeho !!!

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