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The Cup of Love

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The Cup of Love
about the cocktail
by Vikrant Nath I usually start with a shot of dark rum, a splash of Creme De Menthe or Pudin Hara for flavour, and a little Kahlua and/or Bailey's. Other ingredients could include flavoured Schnapps, Southern Comfort, brandy, and vodka. Use your imagination. You know what you like, and if you think it'd taste good with hot chocolate, throw some in. You have to make sure you taste it as you mix. Great for winter parties or just cozying up with your significant other.
ingredients in the cocktail
how to make the cocktail
    1. First cook up a big pan of your favourite hot chocolate. Take the biggest coffee cup you have in you house (the closer you can get to a big soup bowl with a handle the better), and ladle out enough cocoa to fill it between half and two-thirds full. Then raid your drinks cabinet and start adding anything that goes well in hot chocolate (see note below). Just keep mixing and adding until you get the taste you're looking for, top with whipped cream and drink up.
    1. Powdered Clove

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