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Cupid’s Arrow

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Cupid's Arrow
about the cocktail
by Sudeep

Like a Cupid's arrow, this deadly combination of vodka and the bitter sweetness of cherry liqueur, reminds us of the deadly turmoils of love. And like the gentle fizz of the champagne, giving the cocktail its trademark valentine colour, it gives us reason enough to believe that although love has its sweetness and bitterness, it is the key ingredient to add that special fizz in one's life. The swizzle stick pierced through the fruit on the rim of the glass gives true testament to cupid, and the mint flavoured rim, well, that's just in case you have after dinner plans!
ingredients in the cocktail
  • 30 ml Vodka
  • 30 ml Cherry liqueur
  • Top up with Soda (strawberry flavoured)
how to make the cocktail
    1. Rim the glass with powdered polo mints. Pour vodka, cherry liqueur, and top with soda.
    1. Cherry or strawberry on a cocktail stick

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