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The Last Floor

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The Last Floor
about the cocktail
by Gompu Sherpa One day as i was busy like always in my bar a gentleman who is a hardcore whisky drinker asked for his usual -- Teachers Highland Cream with water. I gave him his drink, but somehow that day he didn't like his whisky so he asked me if i could mix somethng in his drink. I gave him cranberry & orange juice with the drink but he was quite upset with what i did so i added 15 ml of Cointreau to give a good flavour to his drink. Before taking a sip of the drink he told me that this will be the worst drink that he has ever had. As he took his first sip he made an ugly face but as he drank it he was happy that the drink was spoilt in a good way. He also took the recipe with him so that he could prepare it at home also.
ingredients in the cocktail
how to make the cocktail
    1. A built-up drink - pour all the ingredients into a Collins glass with ice.
    1. Cherries and a slice of lime.

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