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Meeti Desi

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Meeti Desi
about the cocktail
by Girish

My team and I all work in the same banquet hall. One day we were bored out of our minds and we decided to each make up a drink and then we would all decide which one is the best. Of course mine ended up being the best one because I had more bartending experience compared to them. So I gave it the name meeti because it is very sweet, and because we're desi I thought why not add that in. Now this drink is known in at least 15 bars in the Toronto area. Hope you enjoy this drink. CHEERS.
ingredients in the cocktail
  • 60 ml Light Rum
  • 30 ml Coca Cola (cherry coke)
  • 30 ml Pepsi (Pepsi A-ha)
how to make the cocktail
    1. Pour all the ingredients in the glass filled with ice.
    1. Lime slice

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